Sacred Tantra Massage

At Tantra Divine our approach to Tantra is not sexual. We offer a Sacred Tantra Massage that is very holistic and spiritual.

Our massages are very relaxing and sensually beautiful. It is a fusion of environment, preparation, intention, presence, conscious touch, Chakra work and various massage techniques including Back Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage and Facial massage.

Within our Sacred Tantra Massage we honour the Lingham (male sex organ) and Yoni (female sex organ), however male climax is not encouraged.

Our work involves inspiring clients to awaken their divinity by bringing loving awareness to their senses, body, mind and emotions.

Within our sessions we can help clients with Lack of Confidence, Lack of sex, Sexual Life, Low Libido, Performance Anxiety, Premature Ejaculation and Stress.

Our therapists are very open minded and clients can talk about anything that they might need help with.

We can enhance your Tantra experience if you book session over 90 minutes of length and include Talk Therapies, Tantric Meditation and breathing, Divine Dance, Awakening the senses Ritual or Cleansing with Sage Ritual.


Some tips for you to enjoy more your session

  • Be receptive. Don't eat just before the session;
  • be on time. If you arrive in a frenzied, rushed state, it will take longer to relax;
  • Remove all jewellery and watches;
  • Switch off your mobile phone. (No vibration);
  • let us know if you are wearing contact lenses;
  • let us know if there is any part of your body you don’t like to be touched;
  • During the session speak up: say "no" when you are not comfortable with what you are receiving, say ‘maybe’ if you are not sure if you like it or not . Say the word "yes" or ‘yes please’ if you are happy or very happy.
  • When you have a massage:
    Give feedback on the amount of pressure, speed of movement, room temperature, music volume, or Lighting
  • Drink extra water on that day.
  • Allow for some open, quiet time after your massage session if possible. Sometimes one needs a little time to integrate or absorb the results of the massage session or needs some "re-entry" time.
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