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Sacred Tantra Massage

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Sacred Tantra Massage

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Must Read

Absolutely no Sexual Full-Service or any illegal offerings are available through the Tantra Divine and its masseuses.
You are here to receive a massage, so stay passive. Just relax and receive.

Our Masseuses may refuse to give you treatment if you are disrespectful and/or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Respect our Masseuses' boundaries at all time.

They are NOT ESCORTS, they DO NOT provide any sexual services, therefore, this is not a "full service" and they don’t provide any extras. Please do not ask as you will upset our masseuses.

Certainly there is physical contact between the masseuse and client, without such contact massage could not exist, however, this contact is limited to those experiences defined within this website and should never be violated. If you insist, the masseuses have the right to stop the session and money will not be refunded.

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